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Unlimited dynamic memory hack finally achieves the holy grail of palmcomputing. All those emulators that require 4 MB of dynamic memory orthe newest PalmOS device to run, annoying you? Well no more. With thisthe newest SNES emulator runs fine on a T|E and Zire 71. If you've everhad a problem with applications requiring more dynamic memory then youhave, then this application is for you.

To install: HotSync thefile to your Palm OS 5 device. The device will reset. Now find the UDMHapplication and run it. Il will install itself in the system

Theunregistered version does not do this automatically after a reset, soyou need to do this every time after a reset. The registered versionactivates itself after a reset, so you need not worry about it.

in order for this to work, you need enough free storage memory, and itneeds to be defragmented, so if you see this hack failing, and you haveplenty of free storage, try to backup to your expansion card, do a hardreset, and restore. This will in a way defragment your storage memory,allowing UDMH to work better.

If UDMH does not work for you, check that you have a lot of free storage memory, and try to defragment it as described above.

Your mileage will vary.

If you find that UDMH completely does not work for you, please download the debug version,and it will show you numbers in alert boxes. You will need to run it,and email me with your device type, amount of free storage ram, and thenumbers you saw, and I'll see what can be done to fix this.

Please do not purchase if it does not work, there's specifically a trial version for you to see if it works or not.

The trial version will expire in 7 days after you install it, and you will have to purchase UDMH to continue its use.

WARNING:If a program does not free memory after it exits, you will notice a lotof your storage memory gone, do not worry, just do a soft reset, andyour memory will be back.

What the program does is unsupported in many ways, and although every effort is made to make it safe, anything could happen.

This program has been reported to work well on the following devices:
  • Treo 600
  • Treo 650
  • Zire 31
  • Zire 71
  • Zire 72
  • T|E
  • T|T
  • T|T2
  • T|T3
  • T|T5
  • iQue 3600
  • TG50
  • NX 80
  • anything with OS5.4+

Problems have been reported on the following devices:

Ifyour devices is listed as being reported with problems, you can stilltry UDMH, it is entirely possible that UDMH works on that device.

If you have a diferent device, please tell me how it goes.


What people say:
Ifound that it improves global stability of my palm T2. I use alot ofmmplayer (video player), I use also PalmaryClock (very nice clock appwith images in background) and also Pocket Tunes (with long lists offiles on my 1Gb SD card). I also use Tealscript, Lightspeed, 5NavLauncher and some others apps that I'd call "resident", and so I assumethey use dynamic memory alot.

My assumption is that switchingback and forth from these apps, causes heap memory to get sparser andsparser, so much that my palm used to crash every now and then... WithUDMH 2.2 installed, it seems WAY MUCH more stable.

Ihave found my Tungsten T5 to be generally more stable with UDMHinstalled (contrary to what I would have expected), and I am able torun anything I choose to without ANY regard for my available memory. Ittruly works as advertised!
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